Fine organics (a 100% e.o.u.) is one of India's leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of aroma chemicals and holds monopoly in specific Field of  perfumery intermediates. As F & F in their natural form are too scarce and expensive for common man to afford. Fine organics is putting endless effort to develop F & F ingredient synthetically through its rich experience in this field so that these products reach millions of people world over.
Pramotors of fine organics hails from “Aggarwal Group” having excellent history for Decades Entrepreneur Mr. L.N. Gupta & Mr. Neeraj Gupta started this venture in year 2000 and since THEN FINE organics has grown leaps and bound satisfying its global customer with international standard products, timely delivery. Our emphasis on achieving highest quality standards keeping in mind safety, health & environment.

Originated in the year 1990 is headed imbibing the values & modern & realistic with highly developed since of industrial entrepreneurship armed with keenly pragmatic approach it is founder’s commitment. Dedication & determination that steered the fortunes of a fledging company into an arena of fierce competitive enterprise. Where survival and success depends solely on the critera “Excellence in service & Quality”.